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so we found a way to get the photos on to the Flickr page! theres just a few and we'll be adding more in a bit.... it really depends on how much change we can scrounge up, but hooray anyhow FLICKR! url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/pacificcrest/

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We Have Arrived...

So it's taken about a week to get around to updating this...sorry bout that. We arrived safely in Christchurch and pretty much conked out for a good twenty hours before getting around to enjoying the city. It was fun, good food, good beer, pretty much all you could ask for plus a beautiful central park/garden and live music pretty much everywhere (we managed to get here right in the middle of their flower festival :o)
We meant to post pictures today but our SD card reader on the laptop has decided to poop out on us, so hopefully we will be finding another way to move pictures around soon.
A few days ago we left the city and headed north to take in the Kaikoura penninsula and Hanmer Springs respectively, nice relaxing times all around .
Currently we are exploring the Mt. Cook area, we found this awesome campsite right at the base of Mt. Sefton, its amazing (and here's where those photos would have come in handy) Its just a set of huge glaciated peaks, like a third of the Mt. Cook park is covered in glaciers and you can get practically on top of them. We've been doing small tracks here and there and around every corner you're just amazed by another crazy sight... I think we'll be here a few more days taking it all in.
After that the plan is to head south/east to the coast .... talk to you then!
peace and love,
Ev and Nicole

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0 °F

We are now on the way to New Zealand and soon hope to be updating this thing regularly with many exciting tales :o)

Despite leaving this afternoon we won't be arriving in Christchurch untill 9am saturday (NZ time) So we lose something like a day and a half in this direction, crazy.

It's only taken a month of obsessing, and now we are ready to go.


We'll get back to you soon....from New Zealand!

Peace and Love,

Everett & Nicole

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The Countdown Begins...

So its official, the tickets are booked and we're thinking about packing the bags! On February 26th at 7p.m. Everett and I will be departing from San Francisco International Airport and arriving some ridiculously long time later in Christchurch, NZ.


Anyone who's been over there, has some "can't miss this" tips or any helpful info to share, we would love to hear it...

nicole- sfollie85@yahoo.com
ev- everett.codd@gmail.com

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Happy New Year

Hooray '09

We hope everyone had a wonderful new years celebration ... Cheers to 2009!


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