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Hawaii Holiday

Ten days in Hawaii!!

So we had Kevin, Jenny, and Ryan with us for this great little break in paradise. Ryan had his Bday on the 8th and I had mine on the 14th, we basically just had a blast.


Nicole's dad let us have his beach house for the time and it was amazing, right across the street from the beach and it had everything we could have needed. We started out snorkeling down at Charlie Young beach and saw a green sea turtle the very first day! This really set the pace, the next day we hit the road to Hana and had an amazing day of exploring the Maui rain forest and hitting the north end beaches. The next day we snorkeled a bit more down near Kamaole beaches, seeing two more turtles, an eagle ray, and I saw an octopus.


So for Ryan's Bday we went out in Lahaina for beers and food. Hit this really nice oyster bar, 2 dozen oysters, ahi sashimi , and octopus poki, and then desert. Wonderful! Then we hit up the pubs and got tanked!


For my Bday we hit a bar with a live reggae band, and hit the beach at like 3 am. it was sweet, just tops!

So we also hit the redwood forest and the summit of Haleakala. Both very nice little trips up the mountain. The road to the redwoods was awesome, just a crap dirt road with a big fat van, very exciting! Haleakala was cool, next time we are going to hike the caldera, but it was so cold up there. You travel though the clouds to get up to the summit, and up there its so clear.


So ya, great time in the island paradise of Hawaii!!!


P.S. More photos can be found on our flikr page (thanks to kevie and jennie!)... http://www.flickr.com/photos/pacificcrest/sets/72157609300323870/

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Living it up in the Bay Area

So we've been living in the east bay for a few months now. I'm pretty sure that we've gotten most of the dorky tourist stuff out of the way by now (pictures follow)... we went to some giants games, rode the cable car, biked around golden gate park and the reservoir, saw the blue angels at fleet week, and have generally been eating way too much good food.





I am currently working at UCSF in the radiology department. I'm working with a group studying osteo-arthritis, there are three or four projects going on at the moment, for the most part I am just helping out wherever I am needed. It is lots of computer work and wet lab work but from time to time I get to do something out of the ordinary like sit in on a surgery and collect samples (read: pieces of cartilage). I thought it might gross me out, but really its pretty interesting to see how they cut the knee or hip up and then re-build it.

I was going to put a bit in here about Ev, but he's saying that he will write his own this week so lets see if that happens :o)

More than anything we're just getting ready for the next adventure, which is Maui in about a week. We have Jenny, Kevin, and Ryan all coming along so it should be a great time. More about that when we get back...


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Pendleton Round-Up

let 'er buck!

sunny 90 °F

Let_Er_Buck_Room.jpg YEE-Haw!

This past weekend we took a brief sojourn from the beautiful bay area to mosey on back to Oregon and enjoy the Pendleton rodeo with Kevie and his family (and thanks to them yet AGAIN for letting us come along...as always the food was great and the conversation was even better).
Like last year we camped out at the local littleleague field
For how close it is to the round-up its surprising how few people stay there.

We showed up late thursday night and set up so we had all of Friday and Saturday to enjoy. We began friday morning right with biscuits and gravy at Crabbys (not recommended) before going to the parade, which was a lot of fun but kind of hot and smelly :o) heres some parade highlights...
yeah thats right, big freakin oxen right down the middle of main street... I know Im still a city girl when this freaks me out every year :o)

Benny made an appearance...pretty cool

I know nothing about horses but these were big and pretty so I took a picture

and its not a party untill bigfoot shows up. So this must be a totally pacific northwest thing but people were seriously excited about bigfoot, like this wagon came by and kids started yelling and waving and running to take pictures with him... weird but cool

Friday we generally just hung out, met up with family, enjoyed the let er buck room, Oh and most importantly we ate some fry-bread tacos YUM! I didnt take a picture, I scarfed it down too quickly, but trust me it was good. We dressed up this year, hats, plaid, and I had some kick-ass boots. Kev even rocked the sheriffs badge...
howdy sheriff

Saturday morning we rose with the sun, literally because we didnt have tents for everyone so we just slept out in the open
Saturday morning cowboy breakfast

It was a good day at the rodeo despite the seats right out in the sunbowl, we beat the heat by hitting up the let er buck room about midday :o)
The whole gang hanging out in the SunBowl... Micah, Erin, Kev, Me and Ev

All and all it was a great time, cant wait to go back ...thanks again to kev and fam :o)

More Round-up photos can be found on our Flikr page...enjoy

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Pacific Crest Trail

all seasons in one day 0 °F

So we got through graduation and moving out of Corvallis (phew!)... We started on the PCT June 24th in Seiad Valley, CA.
We had a bit of a rough start, the first day was straight uphill all day and there were lightning storms and fires in the few days to follow. Nicole dropped out early in Ashland, opting to drive ahead to the next stop and play support team for the next few weeks :o) Emmett and Olivia roughed it out untill Crescent Lake, Or. Yvonne kicked ass and made it to Bend, Or. And Everett and Ryan hauled themselves all the way through Oregon to just north-east of Mt. Adams in Washington. I'm putting a few of my pictures on here but a full collection can be found on our flikr site...



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